Looking for a green seminar, team-building, incentive or CSR trip… for your company?
Arcachon Ecotours, receptive agency, organises your
sustainable & turnkey professional stays to make you discover
the Authentic Bay of Arcachon

Our Activities for your seminary
or team-building

We separate our activities in 5 different fields:

  • Nautism
  • Ocean
  • Heart Of The Bay
  • Lakes
  • Gastronomy & traditions


The Bay of Arcachon is a high place for yachting, renowned for his beauty, diversity, complexity. Sandbanks, channels, oyster beds are inherent elements in landscape just like the famous Cabanes tchanquées, le Banc d’Arguin, while offering a stunning view of the towns, beaches, villages & on the Dune. Thereby our co-worker know the moving cartography of the seabed and will be able to bring you to the best places according to the weather conditions (tide, wind,storm…).

Ocean Beaches

The city of La Teste-De-Buch is one of the largest town by its surface in France. It owes it to the user-forest which extends to the department of the Landes along the Silver Coast. Therefore, following the quiet beaches of Pyla sur Mer and the wonderful sand Dune of Pilat, you’ll find the ocean beaches which stretched over 18 kilometers, where breezes the Atlantic waves delighting thrill amateurs and large spaces lovers.

Heart Of The Bay

Midway between Arcachon and the Cap-Ferret peninsula, the Heart of the Bay reveals itself to the most curious ones. Between coastline, the Leyre river, the pine forest… this area is offering colored and natural landscapes. There, in the heart of the Natural Park of the Landes of Gascogne, passed down a cultural and natural heritage to protect. We invite you to discover it on foot,with a bike or on water. You can meet those who preserved the custom and natural spaces and take the time to share our territory.

Lake Area

Cazaux and Sanguinet lake is one of the biggest from the Landes area. It’s allocated between the Buch country (Bay of Arcachon) in the north and the Born country (Parentis area) in the South. This natural lake has unsalted and calm waters and a weak depth on tis shore. It’s also a protected and humid zone with remarkable fauna & flora. All of these elements make this area a little paradise, surrounded by greenery & pines, and is ideal for nautical activities and group animations.

Gastronomy & Traditions

By its geographical location, its configuration, and its Gascon origins, the country of Buch is rich by its history. Whether through fishermen, oyster farmers or resin collectors, the traditions are strong. Architecture also had an important part when the region started growing more popular. Thus, beautiful houses with singular aspects and mixing influences arose at the beginning of the XXth century, and gave us a unique heritage. Gastronomy also plays an important role, with many typical products, oysters… but not only.

Examples of packages

Here are some exemples of daily programs for your sustainable seminary or CSR team building stay.

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Our engagements

ARCACHON ECOTOURS is an incoming agency specialized in incentive operations, organization of events and outdoor activities in the beautiful area of the Bay of Arcachon.

We offer eco-friendly trips to professional groups in order to make you discover this unique and fragile environment.

Customized & turnkey stays, these trips will allow you to get familiar with the Bay in a different way, outside the box, surrounded by passionate professionals &/or guides (historical, naturalist & country-tellers) in order to get a proper in-depth understanding of our region.
Our aim is to show that Arcachon is more than a postcard. Here, traditions, gastronomy or protected natural sites are legion.
From discovery stays to seminars, team building or incentive stays, Arcachon Ecotours gives you a large choice between 30+ activities allocated in 5 different fields:

  • Nautism
  • Ocean
  • Heart Of The Bay
  • Lakes
  • Gastronomy &

Our added Value

Our environmentally
responsible engagement
in order to preserve the Bay and our will to share our knowledge of the region.

A tailored offer
to meet your expectations
as much as possible.

Turnkey services lead
by skillful specialists in their own field.

Arcachon Bay

Located 45 min from Bordeaux international airport. « Le Bassin d’Arcachon » is a unique region, rich by its biodiversity, its traditions and its natural sites. It’s the perfect spot for beach lovers, nature lovers, sports lovers, food lovers, tradition lovers… Here are some of the must-visit spots of the area : la Dune du Pilat (Europe’s biggest sand dune), la Réserve Ornithologique du Teich (natural park dedicated to bird observation), L’Île Aux Oiseaux, i.e. Bird Island, and its famous huts on stilts (les Cabanes Tchanquées), the famous Banc d’Arguin (natural sand bank at the entrance of the bay), le Sentier du Littoral (a lovely biking path following the inner cost of the bay), the Leyre detla (a charming little river and its delta, also called Little Amazon), the forest of the Landes (the greatest pine forest), the oyster-farming ports and its famous oysters…

Sustainable Tourism

Our ecosystem is very fragile and threatened by various parameters including mass tourism in summer. We, at Arcachon Ecotours, grew up here and were lucky enough to discover this place off-season.
Therefore, our purpose is to share our Bay off the tracks, with an environmentally responsible mind in order to highlight and preserve biodiversity, cultural heritage and natural wealth of our territory

Benefits & Services

This aspect appears in the selection of activities we offer as we choose slow activities (canoe-kayaking, sailing boat, stand up paddle) rather than motorized ones.
Also, for your sightseeing, a professional guide will come along with you to share the story of the site rather than leave you alone observing it.
Regarding our picnics, we will offer short-circuit organic products or coming from local shops or local factories.
We will try to produce as few garbage as possible, recycling items to use as decoration… and share these actions with you to raise awareness to you as much as possible.
We can also set up an environmental / citizen action such as collecting trash on the beaches or removing invasive species, or an environmental seminary with naturalist guides or environment professionals to guide your meeting.
And we use our blog and our social networks to raise general environmental awareness and to share useful information about ecology, citizenship, living together…

We made a strict selection of our partners. We chose them carefully as they share our philosophy and our environmental engagement. We gathered more than 30 partners sharing these values. They all are experts on their own field and passionate about their activities, so your experience is nothing but kindness, expertise, sharing and caring.
We offer customized & turnkey stays, designed with you throughout the decision process. We have the “Travel Agent” certification through Atout France and we have a financial guarantee (Groupama) as well as a professional Liability (MAIF) to cover you under all circumstances.
To engage with Arcachon Ecotours is the insurance of a successful stay:

  • Custom-made break
  • Booking of accommodations, international, national or local transports, meals, leisure activities, guides, skippers, private parties…
  • Organization, execution and check of expected services.
  • Transmission of technical information concerning the stay but also concerning the country, the inhabitants, uses, customs…
  • One single payment for tyour accounting department, we will deal with all parties concerned

Arcachon ecotours is a ecotourism receptive agency.

We organised your professional stay with a environnementally responsible mind, turnkey in natural environnement in order to make you discover differently « le Bassin d’Arachon », otherwise, the authentic « Bassin d’Arcachon ».

We are in partnership with the territorial branding of Arcachon Bay, initiated by the SIBA (Syndicate Intercommunal of Arcachon Bay).

The partners who engraved the B’A initials on their communication media carry the pride of belonging to the Bay, but most of all, their commitment.

Arcachon Bay used to be a geographical name : now it has become a shared territorial brand.

More info on www.marque-bassin-arcachon.fr

Groups & Companies

Team Building

Exchange, friendliness, mutual aid, cohesion in effort… are so much strong qualities which unite your team and will stimulate their performances. It will also allow each one of your collaborators to be a motivating factor and will create loyalty towards your business values. Arcachon Ecotours offers you challenges through sports and cultural or playful activities which would allow you to discover deeply the Bay of Arcachon while promoting exchanges and developping creativity and group intelligence of your team.

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Arcachon Ecotours supports you in designing, organizing and animating your professional seminars. Whether you are managers, members of management team or executive committee, we bring a suitable solution to your needs.

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You wish to thank customers, add value to your partnerships, urge on your salespersons or increase the motivation of your sales? Arcachon Ecotours offer you tailor-made stay in a heavenly setting, joining sport, cultural or playful activities, while developing an environmentally responsible mind.

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You are searching an off-season stay? Would you like to discover the Bassin d’Arcachon differently? Leaving clichés, traffic jam and full beaches behind ?
Arcachon Ecotours offers you original activities, over one day or more, for a minimum of 6 persons. Contact us to fet advices, prices and information.

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